“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”
– Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011
Apple Computer CEO, IT Visionary, Creative Genius

Steve Jobs

After a long battle with cancer, Steve Jobs passed away at his Cupertino, CA home October 6, 2011. Known for pushing the boundaries of “Whats Possible?” he was sometimes viewed as a rock star of Silicon Valley.

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With the help of his friend Steve Wozniak, Jobs built the Apple 1 in his parents garage in Cupertino, CA in 1976, launching a new era of human innovation based on the Personal Computer (PC). It was priced at $666.66 and came with no keyboard, mouse, or display. Purchasers also had to put the machine together themselves.

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From that primitive machine, Jobs helped build Apple Computer to one of the largest and most valuable companies in the world, briefly surpassing Exxon-Mobile as the world’s most valuable company, and generating more cash reserves than the US Treasury. His company re-engineered the way we use computers, cell phones, and even how we listen to music in ways we never imagined. Time after time, Jobs and Apple Computer sold people on a product they didn’t know they needed until after he invented it.

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Steve Jobs will be missed in the tech world, and we hold dear the time he spent with us.


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