In our never ending mission to bring you top of the line technology, and news, here are this years top 10 April Fool’s Day jokes.

10. Conan O’Brien buys Mashable: American TV host announced on April 1 that he is taking over popular social media news blog Mashable and ousting its founder and CEO Pete Cashmore. [link]

9. Toshiba Shapes: Toshiba USA posted on its website 3 new tablets they would be offering on April 1st, the Oblong, the Rhombus, and the Amore. [link]

8. Google’s Really Advanced Search: Google is the undisputed king of online April Fool gags. This year they had plenty to play on us and the Really Advanced Search did grab our attention. We even screen captured it. [link]

7. 8-bit Google Maps: On April 1, Google launched ‘Quest’ that converts Google Maps images into an 8-bit video game adventure. This is being termed as Google’s best April Fool’s Day prank ever. [link]

6. Sony’s Vaio Q – the world’s smallest ultrabook: Sony gives Apple’s Retina display a run for its money with a full HD 1080p display compressed into a tiny winy 0.75×1.25 inch LED backlit screen on the power-packed ultrabook. [link]

5. Turn your desktop PC into a tablet: We all want a tablet, don’t we? The Tablifier is a do-it-youself kit to convert your obsolete desktop computer into a supercool tablet. [link]

4. BMW Driverless Running Coach: The official 2012 London Olympic Games sponsor BMW announced through ads published in British newspapers that it has developed a technology that turns your car into a driverless running coach. [link]

3. India secretly brings back black money:  IBNLive’s April 1st story on India secretly bring back black money into the country was one they wished was true. [link]

2. A journey to the center of the Earth: We all know of Richard Branson’s plans to take us to space, and this April 1, he announced plans to take us to a journey to the core of an active volcano through what he calls Virgin Volcanic. Of course, knowing the Virgin chairman, this might not be a joke. [link]


1. Apple patents the rectangle: The Register, a tech website, gave Apple a new patent in its arsenal against Android, the rectangle. [link]


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