The cloud is a valuable asset for small businesses with vast responsibilities, but minimal resources. With cloud solutions, SMBs can solve IT dilemmas that they might otherwise need to outsource, often at a high cost. This Wall Street Journal article highlights companies that have turned to the cloud and reduced their third-party IT costs by thousands of dollars!

Office 365 Products

Cloud applications are becoming commonplace solutions for businesses, and when SMBs put the cloud to work, they can increase productivity and cut IT-related costs. Some of the more popular ways small businesses are using the cloud today include:

How does your small business put the cloud to use? St. Aubin Technologies can help your business make use of many options available to you. Ask a Support Specialist today about utilizing services like Office 365, Windstream Hosted, and Carbonite backup!

Update 03/07/2013: Lockheed Martin successfully migrated the Environmental Protection Agency to the Microsoft Cloud (Office 365 for Government) Full Story


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