As you know, St. Aubin Technologies is a proud partner with Carbonite online backup. Carbonite Online Backup is an inexpensive way to backup your files safely and securely to the cloud, protecting you from disastrous data loss. Carbonite was founded in 2005 and already has helped restore over 20 billion files that would have been lost, forever.

20 billion files recovered from the abyss of data loss.

Backing up any data can be time consuming and tedious. Monitoring your backups for success and failures can be all the more confusing. Carbonite has helped make that process automated and easy, including sending you notifications in the event of failures, and automatic scheduling to not interfere with your work day.

But what about data intensive servers and applications? The business critical stuff you depend on?


Carbonite’s Enhanced Server Backup is an add-on to Carbonite’s Small Business Premium Subscription. It specializes in “Hot Backups”, or, backing up data that cannot be stopped and released for copying. These is a necessity for Microsoft Exchange servers, programs that utilize databases, and other services that keep your network running.

Carbonite’s ESP creates local backups for quick restoration, and also uploads these local backups to cloud storage for safe keeping. Data is encrypted and stored in secured data centers, whose security resembles something out of a spy movie. Your data cannot be any safer. Best part of all this security, it is HIPAA compliant! (See!)

For more information on Carbonite’s Enhanced Server Backup, Carbonite’s HIPAA compliance, or any other Carbonite Online Backup Solutions, contact one of our support specialists. Joe will sleep better knowing you did!


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