Using Microsoft Office has been like a time warp recently. Stuck using its 90s-era technology, its been eclipsed by online collaboration tools like Google Apps, Slack, and Trello. That ends today.

microsoft-officeIntroducing Office 2016: The new way to work in the modern office.

At first, Office 2016 looks and feels like Office 2013. No dramatic changes to the look and feel. No crazy new layout scheme’s. Just some bolder colors and a search bar. But look closer and the changes become apparent. There’s a share button that now shows almost everywhere you go. You can Skype with coworkers from within Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can set group conversations in Outlook and work together as a team on documents within OneDrive.

The new theme of Office 2016, Collaboration. No longer is Microsoft scared of placing these little known features to the forefront. Most of these features have been there since Office 2013 and before, but Microsoft did not want to scare off the long-time office user (you know, from the 1990’s, those who still reminisce about free AOL disc’s and color changing text on websites).

We noticed a feature in Outlook 2013 and OneDrive that seemed like a test, Microsoft placing a foot in the water. In Outlook 2013 and the Office 365 OWA, you could attach a file to an email, but not send the file with the email. Instead, it would be uploaded to your OneDrive account and the recipient would then use the link to open/download that file. This feature now has relevance. In Office 2016, that link now opens a window where both users, AT THE SAME TIME, can read, review, comment and edit the same document in real-time.

This might, just might, make Microsoft Office cool again.



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