Apple Computers, known for not being as susceptible to viruses as PCs, have been successfully targeted by Ransomware.

Ransomware is malicious software that infects a computer like a virus, and then encrypts and locks user files, asking the user to pay a ransom to return their files to normal. The program in question, dubbed keRanger, requires victims to pay one Bitcoin, which is a little more than $400 and is untraceable, to retrieve their files. Once the ransom is paid the hacker may or may not return the users file to a usable state; there is no guarantee.

The ransomware targets a program, popular with Mac users, called “Transmission”. This is the first time known that a fully functional version of ransomware has been detected in Apple’s operating system.

Apple products’ security is currently under intense security as the company is engaged in a major standoff with the U.S. government over the security of its iPhone.

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