A major internet outage is effecting the eastern United States. You may notice some sites working and others are not. Amazon Web Services has reported they are seeing high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1, and Amazon AWS site. This is impacting applications and services dependent on AWS’s S3 service. Amazon is currently investigating and working the issue.

At the moment, it is not clear if this is the only issue causing the widespread outages, or if more issues are to blame.

If you want a slight laugh, albeit at Amazon’s expense, do a quick Google search for Amazon AWS Outage (Google works because it runs off Googles servers, Amazon is growing more into a Google competitor every day, so they wouldn’t dare host their services on AWS). The Amazon AWS status show all green up and running, apparently because the status page depends on the US-EAST-1 container. Users would have put pictures up of this bit of IT humor, but the IT humor sites are hosted on US-EAST-1 as well… Seriously, we can’t make this up.

The jokes on Amazon continue:

We only hope that US-EAST-1 is up and running soon, if not already, and we can get back to watching Amazon Prime and Netflix.


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