Hurricane Palms

June 1st marks the beginning of Hurricane Season

Now is the time to prepare your business technology! Don’t wait until a storm is forecast to hit Florida! The preparation rush that occurs before each storm can leave you in the dark!

A few things to remember:

  • St. Aubin Technologies will remain open as long as Miami-Dade County services are active (not including police and fire).
  • St. Aubin Tech has been in business in South Florida for over 24 years and, on average, Florida is threatened at least once a year…not our first rodeo.
  • Many of the St. Aubin Tech crew weathered Hurricane Andrew. We know a thing or 2, because we’ve seen a thing or 2.
  • No matter how bad, we’ll be here when its over.
Hurricane Andrew IR Image
In the middle of the crosshairs, Homestead, FL 1992
Backup Illiustration

All clients should have a managed cloud backup solution with us. If you have any doubt as to the validity of your backup, just let us know and we will verify it for you.

If you’re one of our clients with a cloud phone system solution, like IPfone or RingCentral, your system will keep working, regardless of the power or internet at your office. That is because your phone system lives in a highly protected and redundant data center (The Cloud). You can add a recording to your phone system advising customers of your business’ status before and after the hurricane. You can even redirect calls to your cell phones……that’s what we do.

When you shut down for a storm, we recommend you unplug your computer equipment from the power outlets on the wall, and move equipment off the floor on to tables or desks away from windows.

Taking servers offsite is not advised. These machines are heavy and can be damaged in transit. External & NAS backup drives are perfect for removing from the office for an offsite backup. Wherever they go, make sure they are stored in a very safe location!

Putting tarps over your equipment can add one more layer of protection. We don’t recommend stacking all your workstations to tarp them, but placing a tarp over your server, network equipment, or rack is not a bad idea. Be sure all the equipment is powered off to prevent over-heating.

Stay up-to-date with weather alerts

The National Weather Service – National Hurricane Center maintains a twitter feed to provide up-to-date weather alerts. Using twitter, you can subscribe to NHC updates being pushed directly to your mobile devices.


Miami-Dade Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Get more information about how to weather the storm safely with Miami-Dade County’s online Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

Miami-Dade Hurricane Guide

St. Aubin Technologies is, and always has been committed to providing excellent service and support to our clients. We strive to be the best and look forward to servicing your needs before and after a disaster, even if that means WROL.


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