The company

In 1998, Joseph St. Aubin, a native of Homestead, FL, saw a gap in the quickly evolving landscape of Information Technology. Computers were becoming more user friendly, business software was growing in the small business market, but something was missing. IT support for small businesses was lagging behind.

Joe set out to form his own IT support company, one with the client and the end-user in mind. The idea, create an IT support company that focuses on the client and their needs, not the sale and its requirements. St. Aubin Technologies was created and quickly grew via word-of-mouth over the concept of only selling what the client needs and not what makes the most profit.

Since 1998, client needs have evolved, and so has St. Aubin Technologies. Serving over 100 companies in the small and medium business sector, St. Aubin Technologies has a client range spanning the nation and is still focused solutions the client needs and not the bottom line.

When we created St. Aubin Technologies, it was our intention to make our company the standard for providing premium computer support and systems integration. Our plan was to organize a highly motivated team, supply them with state-of-the-art technology and the most comprehensive set of support tools, talent and backup available.

The St. Aubin Way

Peace of mind is hard to find

We have built our reputation on one solid principle, honesty. We hear it all too often about companies that say one thing and deliver another. We understand that there are times we deal with unknown variables, however you, the customer, are always informed.

St. Aubin Van by Water


With strategic partnerships with reputable and reliable companies and vendors, St. Aubin Technologies is able to bring a “full-circle” of service to all of our clients to service their every need.