August 25, 2011

About Us

When we created St. Aubin Technologies, Inc., it was our intention to make our company the standard for providing premium computer support and systems integration. Our plan was to organize a highly motivated team, supply them with state of the art technology and the most comprehensive set of support tools, talent and backup available.

As our clients that have been happily involved with us from the beginning we have stayed true to our original objectives. We are a “Can DO” company. We do not cut any corners, we listen carefully and have positioned ourselves with strategic partnerships and continue to offer comprehensive technology and business solutions to corporations.

St. Aubin Technologies responds to customer demands for complete integrated business solutions by providing hardware and software systems and dependable project management and deliverables. We apply a team approach to integration and network upgrades.

We provide our customers with a complete solution including network design and consulting, systems integration of voice or data. St. Aubin Technologies will be able to offer your business with a single point of responsibility and accountability.

St. Aubin Technologies, Inc. guarantees your business a set of skills and products that have been available as a single source for business solutions through integration.  St. Aubin Technologies is capable of bringing a full line of solutions to your firm and the need for expensive external consultants is not needed.

Our clients come from all sectors of public and private
business. Some examples include:

  • Computer Software & Hardware Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Sales Organizations
  • Computer Software Service Organizations
  • Wineries
  • Banking & Leasing
  • Government
  • Health Care Industry
  • Education
  • Instrument & Control System Manufacturers
  • Construction
  • Credit & Collection
  • Mail Order
  • Automotive Sales
  • Publishing
  • Non-Profit
  • Transportation
  • Insurance